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LaDiel before she became La Diablesse
    She was every man's desire. Her beauty was angelic. LaDiel was the envy of every woman. When LaDiel walked the streets every eye will turn on her. People stopped what they were doing as she passed by, amazed by her graceful walk, well shaped body, beautiful face and warm smile. Some said she was an angel, others said she was half god half woman, for no human being could match her beauty and her kindness.

    LaDiel was a very humble girl, however what people said about her began to get to her head and pride stepped in. She began to dress more extravagantly and her humble walk began to change into a prideful one. Now her chin was up while she walked and thought to herself that people need to look up to her, why should she even look at them.

    She began to dress in the most colourful and rare African wear, making her stand out among the crowd. She was well known from San Fernando to Port of Spain. Men would try to date her but to no avail. She was to good for them. 

    One day she observed an old lady, all wrinkled, bent over, using a cane to walk. That horrified her. 

She was young,  beautiful , full of charisma and had the respect of the Caribbean. She was the most beautiful woman of the Caribbean.  Some may even dare to say the world. She couldn't stand seeing herself like that old woman. She had sleepless nights, loss of appetite and got obsessed with using anti-aging products.

    Then one day she decided to take a journey where most don't dare to go. She went to the obeah man. She thought to herself, "I can remain young and beautiful forever if I visit papa Neza". Here is where she made a deal with the devil and now she is called La Diablesse. Half woman half demon, the seductress of lustful men: The Devil Woman.

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